Employed Technology

The value of our dental services is to be found in a customized approach for you, our patient. We can help create a beautiful smile and healthy teeth by offering you the best diagnosis, the best treatment, and the most comfortable dental experience for you and your family. Our clinic uses integrated all clinical information and scheduling in such a way that it is instantly available to support our conversation wherever that may be (in the reception, operatory or consultation room). This allows us to dedicate more time to treatment planning and treatment procedures.

At our dental clinic, we are proud to offer you the very latest in these technologies, including:

Digital x-Ray

The clinic is using a revolutionary digital x-ray sensor system from Europe. This sensor redefines the patient-doctor care practice through an innovative system of magnetic induction rotating digital sensor. Visteo intra-oral sensors have been awarded the Professional Innovation Prize by UFSBD (Union Française pour la Santé Bucco-Dentaire). This new concept in dental radiography has taken France and Europe by storm since 2010. It truly offers freedom of movement and ease of diagnosis for the benefit of patient and doctor.

Advantages of using Digital X-Ray:

  • Enhance patient-doctor communication through instant on-screen review
  • Instant images and quick re-takes
  • Enhancement tools to aid diagnosis
  • Enable electronic storage and centralization of all patient information
  • Reduced exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Address a concern for the environment by eliminating chemical discharge after film processing

Dental Sensors - Owandy Visteo new concept in Digital Radiography:

In-Office information Centre

We are using an in-office information display. This technology is meant to share with you various information about our office and what we do. We are sharing recent aesthetic cases, beautiful smiles, office milestones or snapshots from events that have been attended by our staff. All this information is presented in a professional format that is easy to follow and is short. We thrive to keep it up to date with office information and also to make it fun by presenting the images in themes that are relevant with the season or holidays that we are going through.


If you tend to be one of those people who fear the dentist, or get overly anxious, then these amazing I-glasses may be for you.

Just slip these glasses on during the procedure and you can watch a movie as if it were on a giant screen, taking your mind and your focus away from the procedures being performed. Patients are frequently amazed at how fast, easy, pain-free and anxiety-free their visits go when they try these glasses.

Intraoral Camera

If would like to get a closer look at what is going on in your mouth, then our office has an answer for you. An intraoral camera enables the doctor to take a picture of the outside of the tooth and display it on a computer monitor for you to see. We can even print a copy for you (kids especially love these images), if you want to take one home or need to provide an image to another specialist or to your insurance carrier.

The intraoral camera can also spot problems before you experience pain, and is therefore a very valuable diagnostic and preventative tool to help your dentist treat your specific needs as they arise.

This technology is available throughout the office; when you discuss your treatment either with the doctor or the hygienist we have all the information and pictures readily available to support the conversation our conversation.

Voice Activated Periocharing

This is an e-Dental Charting system supported by a proven voice activation/voice dictation technology and allows hygienists to work smarter by using voice dictation to enter all their commands. We are able to share and discuss your history and draw comparisons over multiple and different date ranges. This is presented using advanced color graphics and will highlight the problem areas. A full periodontal statistics report can be printed in graphical and/or numeric format.

We also want to compliment our excellence in dental services with more responsibility to the environment and another step to it is the adoption of e-Dental Charting system.


Our Clinic uses smart, engaging videos to support our conversation and explain various aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry.

These educational materials are available on our website, on our waiting area, chair-side and consultation rooms.


Our office uses LUMIPROP, a unique multipurpose illumination device. Designed to provide intraoral illumination, its built-in mouth prop offers optimum patient comfort, relieving stress and fatigue–especially during long procedures.

LUMIPROP is assisting us in diagnosis, hygiene, and in most restorative procedures– providing more light to the working area, and improving both efficiency and accuracy.


If you are interested in early detection of cavities as a mean to minimize lengthy and costly dental procedures, then our office can provide some help. The DIAGNOdent procedure uses fluorescent laser technology that can detect even the very small lesions at the earliest stages. By diagnosing early, treatments tend to be much less invasive, more of your tooth can be retained, and you experience much less overall stress and cost.


Piezon is an ultrasonic cleaning instrument which utilizes high frequency (ultrasonic) vibrations along with water or medication irrigation to quickly and gently loosen and flush away tartar from around the teeth and from under the gumline. It reaches the areas where your everyday cleaning with a toothbrush and floss cannot reach, and therefore provides a superior cleaning.

Electrosurgery / Radiosurgery

Electrosurgery or radiosurgery is the technology used to sculpt the gum tissue for cosmetic procedures or to facilitate the placement of a filling or taking of an impression. By using a special radiosurgical instrument, your procedure is much more comfortable.

Integration of Technology

Many technology innovations are bringing tremendous benefits to your treatment and diagnosis. However, the secret lies in integrating all of these technologies and innovations into a smooth working environment, and that is what we strive to provide in our office.