Family Dentistry

Toronto Family Dentist

Your Family Dentistry Team

Dr. Oprescu-Havriliuc and her staff work continuously to provide outstanding professional services, and create the environment, to best treat your entire family.

Our practice is designed around families; we offer General, Cosmetic and Surgical services. We understand the dental issues adults face as their dental needs evolve over time, we also love working with kids and recognize your needs as parents. Our practice is also ready to address the unique dental issues that face many seniors. Overall we excel in making your visit to the dentist a positive experience for all age groups.

Our dental practice is located in uptown Toronto with easy parking and elevator access to our office. We can accommodate children of all ages, adults and seniors. We are also just steps from the Toronto subway and the TTC Sheppard Bus outside our front door.

Toronto Family Dentist

Adult Dentistry

We deliver a comprehensive range of dental services for adults including aesthetic, cosmetic dentistry, dental prevention and treatment.

With every procedure we strive to indulge our patients with exceptional care, comfort and results.

We established a reputation for delivering one-on-one patient care and superior customer service and support that makes our patients say: "We look forward to our dentist appointments!".

Toronto Family Dentist

Child Dentistry

When working with your children, we want to make their visit to the dentist as fun and as enjoyable as possible. Here a few tips for parents to help you prepare your kids for a trip to the dentist:

  • If it's your child's first visit, play dentist at home or read them a book about going to the dentist
  • Feel free to bring your child along when his/her sibling is coming. This gets them comfortable with the dentist and the office
  • Be positive about the visit
  • Try not to use words with negative connotation e.g. scare, cry, pain, afraid, needle. We use a special vocabulary for explaining dental procedures that put children at ease and make it fun!

Ask your kids to bring their favorite toy or teddy bear.

Toronto Family Dentist

Senior Dentistry

With proper dental care at home, and with regular dental check-ups and the caring service of our dental team, your teeth should last a lifetime. However, as we age, some dental issues can occur, including an increased chance of gum disease, advanced tooth decay, loss of teeth, and sensitivity due to degraded enamel.

Our office knows how to treat these problems, and can advise you on how to prevent them with the proper preventative care and analysis. (see also Dentures)